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The very first sight words I teach in the school year are Color Words! I like to start off with them because most kids know their colors (and its a great assessment to see who doesn't!) and you can really do SO much with colors and color words for those first few weeks of school! I made this fun Color Words Match it! for students to practice matching the color words while strengthening their fine motor skills with clothespins. Best of all, it is FREE! 

I love this Match it! set because it can be used as a quick and easy-to-prep center. You could print the color version, or the black and white version and use crayons to color it in to save on printer ink!

 After cutting out the pieces, you will need to attach the color words to the clothespins. You could use double sided tape, glue, or hot glue- especially if you choose to laminate for durability! I love using clothespins in my centers because you can get SO many for super cheap, and students are strengthening their fine motor skills while learning!

To save time, you could also just use a Sharpie and write the words onto the clothespins!

All materials for this center fit perfectly into a gallon sized baggie. It can hold the Match it! circle, half page recording sheet, and the clothespins. That way, both teacher organization and student clean up are super easy.

For the activity, I teach students to reference the color posters I have hanging i my room if they need extra help!

This freebie comes with 2 recording sheet options. This one is 2 to a page and students record the color word under the matching picture.

For the other recording sheet, students use each color word in a sentence.

If your kiddos love this center, they may also love these Phonics Match it! Centers. This Alphabet Match it! with beginning sounds is a great way to review letters and sounds. Click the pictures to check it out. 

I also have a bundle of all of my Phonics Match it! sets. Click to see!

 Grab your FREEBIE by clicking the button below.

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