Watercolor Classroom Decor & Sight Word Data Update!

One of my FAVORITE things in my classroom is our Sight Word Data Wall! You may remember this old thing from a previous post:

My kids absolutely LOVE seeing their clips move up as they learn their sight words. Every year I have had my data wall, I make sure to introduce it and develop it as a positive and uplifting thing where they can cheer on their friends as they progress!

I am completely updating my classroom decor over to a Watercolor theme, so this was one of the first things to get a facelift. Instead of having 2 columns this time, I decided to print 2 to a page and have only 1 column where the kids truly move straight up as they progress. Check it out:

I am loving the bright cheerful colors! Not to mention, the new version saves on some MAJOR black ink! You can snag it by clicking any of the pictures!

I have also added a Student Tracking Sheet in case Teachers don't want to use a class display...this way it keeps it personal and students get to use stickers to show their growth! What kid doesn't love stickers!??!?!?

My obsession with Watercolors is real. My Phonics Charts, Leveled Library, and other things are starting the transformation too:

Phonics Charts: We use these every.single.day. These truly help my kindergarteners make that jump from reading at a level C to a level D. This time of year they are soaking up every sound and trying to apply it while reading!

Even my Meet the Teacher Editable printable is now Watercolor! 😍😍😍

Do you love watercolor too!?!? Coming soon is the rest of my classroom decor and printables!


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