Happy Leap Day!

Well hello again! I have been a little MIA for a couple months, but for a very important reason....I am pregnant! I took a little time off from the blog to do fun things like morning sickness, be super tired 24/7 and go to bed extremely early. I am FINALLY feeling back to myself here now at almost 15 weeks pregnant, so blogging is now a main focus again! Sometimes you just have to take a little time for yourself. :)

It has been so much fun getting to tell family and friends that we are pregnant! I knew I wanted to surprise my team at school, so I called a meeting during planning saying that we would need to discuss field trips and that everyone needed to bring their assistant as well. Well, instead of discussing field trips, I told them I had a little treat for them:
I forgot to take a before picture with all the pretty donuts before we started eating. :) It was right before Valentine's Day so they were all pinks and reds!

I also had to come up with a fun way to tell my little ones! Luckily, we announced around Valentine's Day, so it made perfect sense for the baby to give my kids a Valentine. At first, they thought I was calling myself a baby? Lol. Nooooot quite. I had to explain a little more and then they realized what was going on. "YOU'RE HAVING A BABY!?!?!"

We also did your typical Gender Reveal with family down in Perry to announce the sex of the baby....I am sure you can guess from the confetti! :)

I know it is a little 'after the fact,' but I will be back soon with a Valentine freebie that I hope you can tuck away for next year! :)


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