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Have you had a chance to enter my Teacher Giveaway!?!? If not, please head over to my Instagram or Facebook Page to enter! I am so excited to host a fun little way to spread the love via this wonderful world of teacher blogs and TpT!

Here is a peek at what is included:

On another note...I started my new Comparing Numbers Math Work Stations last week and I am just SO excited with how well my littles are doing with them! I have been so impressed with how they are guiding their own learning and working so well in groups together! Here are a few pictures from our rotations this week:

Each work station has a direction card that they are responsible for reading and gathering materials from. I let them use whatever maniplulatives they want to solve the greater than/less than problems. Choice! They are allowed to work with a partner, or choose not to! Choice!

My kids are literally obsessed with using a clipboard. It's the little things in life. Right?!
I  got the number dice at an SDE conference a couple years ago.

I am loving listening to their conversations all about numbers while working on their stations.
5 and 6 year olds really are amazing with what they are capable of doing!

You can find these work stations in my Comparing Numbers Unit here.


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