My 5 Senses

We just finished up our 5 senses unit last week. This was the first time I used this product to teach about the 5 senses and it went SO well! I am so excited with how everything turned out.

First we started off with some labeling and picture sorting with a mini-lesson. My artistically talented para drew the awesome picture!
We did a "5 Senses Hunt" around the classroom and recorded our findings.
I just love kindergarten spelling at this point in the year! :)

After I introduced the 5 senses, I sent home a Project Note to get parents/families involved! (the note is included in the packet)

I was SO impressed with all of their projects. I even had one friend that used pictures of each of her own senses for her poster!

We worked for a couple weeks in small groups and work stations on learning all about our 5 senses.
 5 senses Foldable

I ended up making the following NO PREP printables into a book!
 I can, apple, peanut with my mouth.

  I can touch...tree, phone, iPad with my hands.

 I can see...books, rainbow, dog with my eyes.

 I can, strawberry, flower with my nose.

I can, trumpet, teacher with my ears.

One of the picture sorts from the packet.

 They loved this interactive emergent reader!

All of these activities (and more!) can be found in my 5 senses packet here: 5 Senses Packet

Thanks so much for reading! What is your favorite thing to do to teach the 5 senses?


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