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It's that time of year in Kindergarten where CVC words are SO important! My kiddos love sounding out words now that they know their letter sounds. These Heart CVC Word/Picture match ups are great for practice!

I printed these on cardstock then laminated and cut them apart like puzzle pieces.

With picture matches like this, I always have my kids lay out all of the pictures and pick up one word at a time. They sound it out, and then find the matching picture.

You can either have your students write the word on their recording sheet one at a time, or at the end when they have matched them all!

I love to keep Centers with small pieces like this in my Iris Photo Storage. It makes clean up and organizing so easy!

Another fun tip is to put stickers on the back of the matching pieces for self-checking!

If you like this activity, you'll love my CVC Words Centers that you can use year-round! These centers are SO easy to differentiate with several different recording sheets.

Also check out my Melted Crayon Heart Tag FREEBIE for the perfect Valentine to send home with your students.

Check out these other fun HEART activities! :)

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Watercolor Classroom Decor & Sight Word Data Update!

One of my FAVORITE things in my classroom is our Sight Word Data Wall! You may remember this old thing from a previous post:

My kids absolutely LOVE seeing their clips move up as they learn their sight words. Every year I have had my data wall, I make sure to introduce it and develop it as a positive and uplifting thing where they can cheer on their friends as they progress!

I am completely updating my classroom decor over to a Watercolor theme, so this was one of the first things to get a facelift. Instead of having 2 columns this time, I decided to print 2 to a page and have only 1 column where the kids truly move straight up as they progress. Check it out:

I am loving the bright cheerful colors! Not to mention, the new version saves on some MAJOR black ink! You can snag it by clicking any of the pictures!

I have also added a Student Tracking Sheet in case Teachers don't want to use a class display...this way it keeps it personal and students get to use stickers to show their growth! What kid doesn't love stickers!??!?!?

My obsession with Watercolors is real. My Phonics Charts, Leveled Library, and other things are starting the transformation too:

Phonics Charts: We use these These truly help my kindergarteners make that jump from reading at a level C to a level D. This time of year they are soaking up every sound and trying to apply it while reading!

Even my Meet the Teacher Editable printable is now Watercolor! 😍😍😍

Do you love watercolor too!?!? Coming soon is the rest of my classroom decor and printables!

Student Word Walls

I'm back! After a long hiatus of blogging, I am kicking myself into gear and so excited to share what is going on in my classroom this year! Last year was filled with pregnancy, baby boy, and maternity leave, so I had good reason to take a little break. :) Let me tell you, taking maternity leave at the beginning of the school year is NO JOKE! I would not advise it. Haha, but really...I feel like this school year has been a game of "keep your head above the water" and I am finally feeling like I am caught back up and on track again. This sweet little thing is worth all of it. :)

Anyways! Since coming back, my school has fully adapted Lucy Calkins Reading and Writing Units of Study....and let me just say- I LOVE THEM! The amount of growth I have seen with my kiddos just since I have been with them since October is really amazing. I love how the units are laid out and guide the process of learning to read and write. It has also made me kick myself into gear with organizing my leveled library. I have had leveled readers for years and years but I am just now getting around to organizing and labeling everything. Here is a picture of the process:

Leveled Library in PROGRESS!

I am so excited to share my library once it is complete!

Another fun thing we have been working on is our Student Word Walls. In the Writing Units of Study, it encourages snap (sight words) words to be readily available for students. While I have a Word Wall in my room, it is helpful for students to have their own "Word Wall" in their writing folders for quick reference. As a class, we brainstormed a list of words that we have been using a lot in our current unit (narrative) and then put them on their word walls. Here are some examples:

What I love about these Word Walls is that they can highlight their words to match the color coded words on my Word Wall in the classroom. That way, I can say "Then is the yellow word under T" for quick and easy reference! This has helped the process of writing SO much! They are more focused on getting their ideas down on paper, rather than remembering how to spell a specific sight word or spending forever trying to find it on the Word Wall.

Do you use Lucy Calkin's Units of study? I am such a nerd when it comes to learning about how to teach reading and writing....I could talk about it and research it for hours!

Valentine's Crayon Tag Freebie!

I know, its March. But hey, you can save this for next year! :) This is by far my favorite Valentine I have ever made for my kids! I save my old crayons at the end of the year and then throw them in my February box for the next year, then I am set when Valentine's Day rolls around!

Here are the steps for this precious Valentine!
1. Peel Crayons
2. Break into small pieces and place in heart shaped silicone molds- I got mine from Hobby Lobby
3. Place in oven at 250 degrees for about 15 minutes, or until you see crayons have melted (I set the molds on a cookie sheet so they are easier to take in and out of the oven)
4. Set out to cool- or place in fridge to cool for sake of  time
5. Carefully pop heart crayon out of mold
6. Attach to adorable freebie that I have here in my TPT store :)

And TADA! So easy! And cheap!

Happy Leap Day!

Well hello again! I have been a little MIA for a couple months, but for a very important reason....I am pregnant! I took a little time off from the blog to do fun things like morning sickness, be super tired 24/7 and go to bed extremely early. I am FINALLY feeling back to myself here now at almost 15 weeks pregnant, so blogging is now a main focus again! Sometimes you just have to take a little time for yourself. :)

It has been so much fun getting to tell family and friends that we are pregnant! I knew I wanted to surprise my team at school, so I called a meeting during planning saying that we would need to discuss field trips and that everyone needed to bring their assistant as well. Well, instead of discussing field trips, I told them I had a little treat for them:
I forgot to take a before picture with all the pretty donuts before we started eating. :) It was right before Valentine's Day so they were all pinks and reds!

I also had to come up with a fun way to tell my little ones! Luckily, we announced around Valentine's Day, so it made perfect sense for the baby to give my kids a Valentine. At first, they thought I was calling myself a baby? Lol. Nooooot quite. I had to explain a little more and then they realized what was going on. "YOU'RE HAVING A BABY!?!?!"

We also did your typical Gender Reveal with family down in Perry to announce the sex of the baby....I am sure you can guess from the confetti! :)

I know it is a little 'after the fact,' but I will be back soon with a Valentine freebie that I hope you can tuck away for next year! :)


GIVEAWAY! & Math Work Stations

Have you had a chance to enter my Teacher Giveaway!?!? If not, please head over to my Instagram or Facebook Page to enter! I am so excited to host a fun little way to spread the love via this wonderful world of teacher blogs and TpT!

Here is a peek at what is included:

On another note...I started my new Comparing Numbers Math Work Stations last week and I am just SO excited with how well my littles are doing with them! I have been so impressed with how they are guiding their own learning and working so well in groups together! Here are a few pictures from our rotations this week:

Each work station has a direction card that they are responsible for reading and gathering materials from. I let them use whatever maniplulatives they want to solve the greater than/less than problems. Choice! They are allowed to work with a partner, or choose not to! Choice!

My kids are literally obsessed with using a clipboard. It's the little things in life. Right?!
I  got the number dice at an SDE conference a couple years ago.

I am loving listening to their conversations all about numbers while working on their stations.
5 and 6 year olds really are amazing with what they are capable of doing!

You can find these work stations in my Comparing Numbers Unit here.

Five for FRIDAY!

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching again to celebrate it being FRIDAY! Woohoo!

Pumpkin Fun!
We kicked off our Pumpkin Unit this week! We are getting ready to take a field trip to a farm/pumpkin patch so we are going to be super busy learning about pumpkins so we can be pumpkin experts! There are so many amazing resources and freebies on TpT and Youtube for learning about pumpkins. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Pumpkin Graphic Organizer from Smitten with First, you can check it out here.

My kids LOVED this video/song about the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin!

One of my favorite parts about studying pumpkins is when we actually get to carve one together! They love taking turns to pull out the "guts" and do fun counting activities with the seeds. You can grab my "How to Carve a Pumpkin" writing here. It has 3 versions in case you want your kiddos to include a picture.
I have been trying a few new Pinterest recipes lately, and these were delicious! I found this amazing mac and cheese recipe and we have made it several times now, trying a different type of pasta each time. My favorite so far is with shells. 
I played along on Instagram with TeachersPayTeacher's #ITeachBecause! Why do you teach?

This sweet face is coming to see me this weekend so he can see the GA Aquarium for the first time! Oh how I love being Aunt Haywee!

Have a great weekend!!

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